Pulao Party

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Meal description

Treat yourself and your family with the yummiest food and a spectacular view of Manhattan skyline over the east river. The menu is; For appetizer I'm serving "Dahi Bhalla (Lentil Dumplings in yoghurt)" which is a Pakistani/Indian speciality and I serve it with a tangy "Tamarind Chutney". The main course is "Chatpata Chicken Pulao (Chicken Pilaff)" accompanied by "Potato Cutlets". Traditional "Dhood Malai Sawaiyaa'n (Vermicelli)" is my personal favorite desert and I serve it with lots of almonds flacks on top. Drinks (Soda and Orange Juice) are complementary. Kids (under 6) eat for free.

Cuisine type: Indian, Pakistani
Meal type: Dinner
Price: 25.0
Minimum guests: 2
Maxium guests: 8
Alcohol: false
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