Flavors from Brazil

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Meal description

Brazil is a huge country and home to people of cultural diversity, different ethnicities, whose heritage is expressed in their colorful festivals, art and food. Each region of Brazil has a different kind of traditional food, depending on the influences from all the great people that landed in Brazil long time ago specially from Portugal, Italy, Japan, Germany and Africa. I grew up with these flavors and, in my opinion, they are too delicious not to try it at least once! In this menu, I will incorporate in all three courses and one cocktail traditional Brazilian flavors with a modern twist. The menu may change a little depending on the items available on the market and also, on the creativity of the Chef! Please let me know in advance, if you have any food allergies or if there is anything you don't enjoy eating. Appetizer: Variety of appetizers like Traditional Brazilian cheese rolls, Cod fish fritters served with Caipirinha (traditional Brazilian cocktail) Main: Fish and shrimp stew in coconut milk served with white rice and green salad. Paired with white wine. Dessert: Dulce de leche molten lava cake with vanilla nice cream and raspberry coulis Espresso coffee

Cuisine type: Brazilian
Meal type: Dinner
Price: 25.0
Minimum guests: 2
Maxium guests: 6
Alcohol: false
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